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Kosta Volkov

Focus Puller / Drone Gimbal Op / Gimbal Tech
Kosta is a London based focus puller with a clean GB driving licence. Kosta has been in the industry for over 5 years starting his journey in 2017 as a set runner on
"The Kid Who Would Be King" and a year later in the rigging department on "Maleficent 2" before finding his way into the camera Department as a 2nd AC in 2019.

Kosta has been a focus puller for 2 years with good understanding of the Arri hi-5, WCU4 & Tilta Nucelus M.
He has been working mainly with the digital format on the Arri Alexa Mini and has a good understanding of the Freefly Movi Pro & Ronin RS3 Pro gimbals.

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