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Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro Package

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro Package

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The 6K Pro retains all the recording capabilities, sensor quality, dynamic range, controls, and connectivity of its predecessor while introducing several enhancements. These include a Pro EVF, integrated clear/2/4/6-stop ND filters, dual mini-XLR inputs, precise timecode synchronisation, and updated Gen 5 colour science.

With the ability to record resolutions up to 50 frames per second in 6144 x 3456 video, the 6K Pro offers advanced features for professional filmmaking.

This contains a BMPCC 6K Pro camera body, multiple different BMPCC cables such as three Black-magic DTAP cables & one Hard-power cable. 3x Blackmagic NPF Batteries. 1x NPF Charger.

All available for rent in Pimlico, Central London for £90.

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