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Sony VENICE 6K Full-Frame Cinema Camera

Sony VENICE 6K Full-Frame Cinema Camera

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The Sony Venice features a full-frame 36 x 24mm sensor that enables cinematic image capture at resolutions as high as 6K. Additionally, it supports recording in Super35 full height 2x anamorphic mode and can achieve frame rates of up to 120fps when shooting in 4K

This camera package includes the Sony AXS-R7 recorder which enables RAW recording for when a higher specification workflow is required.

Package includes:

  • 1x Sony Venice Camera Body
  • 1x Sony AXS-R7 Recorder
  • 1x Sony DVF-EL200 Viewfinder
  • 1x Viewfinder Cable
  • 1x Viewfinder Bracket
  • 2x 15mm Rods (100mm)
  • 1x Top Handle
  • 3x AXS-A512S48 512GB Memory Card
  • 1x Sony AXS-AR1 Memory Card Reader
  • 1x AC Power Adapter 1x Anamorphic License
  • 1x Full-Frame License
  • 1x High Frame License


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