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Moonshine Film Camera & Lighting Equipment Hire

Arri Alexa Super 35

Arri Alexa Super 35

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The ALEXA 35 by ARRI redefines digital cinematography with its revolutionary 4K Super 35 camera. Featuring the first new sensor in 12 years, it delivers 2.5 stops more dynamic range, film-like highlight handling, enhanced low-light performance, and richer colours. The new REVEAL Colour Science optimises workflow, while ARRI Textures provide creative control.

The Alexa 35 features a modular lens mount system, enhancing its versatility by offering a wide array of lens options. This flexibility allows users to seamlessly utilize native S35, Full Frame, and stills format lenses with the camera, catering to diverse shooting requirements and preferences.

Rent the Arri Alexa Super 35 Body for £624.99 in Pimlico, Central London.

Kit Includes:

  • Arri Alexa S35 body
  • Shape Handheld Grips
  • Arri full cage inc 15mm bars & 19mm bars
  • Lemo-DTAP Splitter
  • 1x DTAP Splitter
  • 1x DTAP - Lemo cable
  • 2x Lemo - Lemo cable
  • SDI's
  • Allan Key
  • EVF
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