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DJI Flex Unit

DJI Flex Unit

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The recently introduced Ronin 4D Flex offers a significant reduction in handheld weight, now at just 1.8 kg, a mere 34% of its original weight. This remarkable lightweight design caters perfectly to cinematographers engaged in prolonged shooting sessions, particularly in dynamic environments such as documentary filming, interviews, or event coverage. The Ronin 4D Flex's lightweight construction not only enhances portability but also ensures top-tier performance, meeting the demanding standards of cinematic imaging.

Featuring a 2m gimbal camera extension cable, this innovation brings unparalleled flexibility to camera positioning, facilitating seamless through-shots and manoeuvres within confined spaces such as car interiors. Additionally, it transforms the X9 gimbal camera into an ultra-compact cinematic-grade remote head, opening up avenues for innovative shot compositions. Even in intricate settings, tracking shots become effortlessly achievable in a single take, fostering boundless creative possibilities.

Available for rental for £60, in Pimlico, Central London.

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