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Teradek 1000 2x Receiver Kit

Teradek 1000 2x Receiver Kit

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The Bolt XT ensures secure video transmission with AES 128 encryption, allowing only authorised receivers to connect. Transmitters offer HDMI, 3G-SDI, and looping 3G-SDI outputs, while receivers feature HDMI output and dual 3G-SDI outputs.

Teradek 1000 2x Receiver Kit Available for Hire £89.99 in Pimlico, Central London. This popular Teradek kit is essential to transmit monitors, it has rock-solid performance and is packed nicely for efficient workflow.

This kit comes in a simple pouch so that you can quickly pack and has various backups such as an assortment of antennas, dtap to limos, hdmis, sdis and plug power to ensure your shoot goes smoothly.


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